Pollo Salsa is the home of authentic Mexican food in the Dallas Metroplex.

Our delicious food is made fresh daily from scratch. We even deep fry our own chips as well as offer seven different homemade salsas. Pollo Salsa offers a wide variety of food to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for some delicious flame grilled chicken which has been marinated for eight hours, or some double corn tortilla tacos (the real Mexican way), you will be sure to find something to satisfy your appetite at Pollo Salsa. And you can eat here often without getting a lot of fat and unhealthy foods, because we do not add grease or fat to our food. Our famous chicken is cooked over an open flame and is high in protein and low in carbs. We prepare our food with the freshest ingredients in order to ensure that only the best is served to the most important person in our restaurant, our guests.

Pollo Salsa Carrollton, Texas locationPollo Salsa History

Pollo Salsa began its operations in the Heart of Mexico in the city of San Luis Potosi under the name Pollo Sinaloa. The original recipe came from Sinaloa, a state located in the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Our story is not the classic tale of Mama or Granny’s recipe being handed down for generations. Our story begins with a Caribbean baseball player named Johnny, who after retiring from the game, settled down in a little town in Mexico to make a living selling grilled chickens on the street market. So, combining the flavors of both the Caribbean and Mexico, the most one- of- a kind mouth-watering recipe for chicken was born.

Pollo Sinaloa changed its name to Pollo Salsa for the simple reason that “salsa” means flavor, music, and dance. Of course “pollo” is the Spanish word for chicken. Since we offer the world’s tastiest and healthiest chicken, the name fits perfectly. And delicious chicken is just the beginning. We also offer an extensive variety of quality food. Our customers can attest to this as many of our regulars guests eat with us at least three times per week.